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I want to write a Rack app that forwards requests to a different domain. The Faraday gem might work well for this. Something like this would be nice:

My file:

my_app = lambda do |env|
  conn =
  conn.url = ""
  env.get? ? conn.get :

run my_app

Could it be this simple? Any ideas?

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You might want to look at rack-rewrite ( You can use it to define and apply rewrite and redirect rules. A possible use of rack-rewrite that fits your use case is as follows:

require 'rack/rewrite'
use Rack::Rewrite do
  r301 %r{.*}, '$&', :if => {|rack_env|
    rack_env['SERVER_NAME'] != ''
# rest of your app

The signature of a rewrite rule is rewrite_method(request_url_expression, rewrite_url_expression, options). In this example, the method #r301 will provide a permanent redirect for all request urls matching the given regex to the new domain with the request URI (using the $& substitution operator). There're info more in the documentation.

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Very cool. Thank you. – Austin Sep 25 '12 at 21:59

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