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Hi I have the following code as part of my application in which I have to enable indexing

var db = mongoose.createConnection(config.database.address, config.database.dbName);
var testSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
      status                  : String,
      loc                     : {lon: Number,  lat: Number },
      createDate              : {type: Date, default:}
exports.registerEmployee = function   (objEmployee , callback)
 var employee = db.model(objEmployee.categoryName, testSchema );
// Saves data     

How to enable indexing for the above schema? Since the collection name (objEmployee.categoryName) is being created dynamically I'm kind of stuck here because for different category there will be a new collection get created. When we create new collection we have to enable Indexing also.

How to do this ?

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What field(s) are in the index you need? – JohnnyHK Sep 24 '12 at 18:31
I want to index "loc" field. – syv Sep 25 '12 at 4:21
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The fact that the collection name is dynamic doesn't affect how you'd create an index on loc. You declare the index as part of the loc field definition of testSchema and Mongoose will take care of creating that index on each collection you register the schema for via db.model. As for the index definition, you can specify that right in the schema:

      loc: {type: {lon: Number,  lat: Number}, index: '2d'},
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