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I need to send my toast notification arguments and open a web browser. Here is my code:

private void DoNotification()
        var notifications = serviceClient.GetNotificationsAsync(App.CurrentRestaurantLocation.ID);
        foreach (RestaurantNotification note in notifications.Result)
            IToastNotificationContent toastContent = null;
            IToastText02 templateContent = ToastContentFactory.CreateToastText02();
            templateContent.TextHeading.Text = note.Title;
            templateContent.TextBodyWrap.Text = note.Message;
            toastContent = templateContent;
            // Create a toast, then create a ToastNotifier object to show
            // the toast
            ToastNotification toast = toastContent.CreateNotification();

            toast.Activated += toast_Activated;
            // If you have other applications in your package, you can specify the AppId of
            // the app to create a ToastNotifier for that application

    async void toast_Activated(ToastNotification sender, object args)
        await Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(new Uri("http://www.google.com"));

My activated event happens, however, no web browser opens. That launcher code works without the toast notification.

How do I populate args with a url? My web service returns note.RedirectUrl and I want to feed it in there.

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Instead of using the Activated event handler on the ToastNotification, use the OnLaunched handler in the main Application class (which allows launch context to be easily accessed).

For the handler to be invoked, a launch argument needs to be provided in the toast XML. Using the code above, you can add the argument to the the IToastContent object like so:

toastContent.Launch = note.RedirectUrl;

Then in the Application's OnLaunched method, the app can retrieve the launch argument:

protected override void OnLaunched(LaunchActivatedEventArgs args)
    if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(args.Argument)) {
        var redirectUrl = args.Argument;

Calling LaunchUriAsync should work as expected when used from OnLaunched.

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