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I want to render a local stored pdf file in my android application so I can access the view. I want to zoom the pdf and take a "screenshot" of the viewed region to add arrows and notes and save this information into a jpeg.

For me it's useless to open the pdf via intent only (with adobe pdf or similar), because I have no chance to take a shot of the viewed region in my activity.

Is there any way to include a pdf viewer or convert a pdf file into images so I can manipulate the resulted bitmaps?

I've tried iText - this won't work because of missing bouncycastle dependencies (?).

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Try PDFViewerSDK .Very powerful and fast PDF viewer.

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Try VuDroid https://code.google.com/p/vudroid/ or Joan Zapata's Android PdfView library https://github.com/JoanZapata/android-pdfview

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