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Can I use TCP/IP for communication between a dll written in C# and a Silverlight 5 Application, both running on the same Windows 7 machine? Are there any security issues that I should be aware of?

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Could you provide some more detail about the scenario and describe what you want to achieve by this construction? –  Spontifixus Sep 25 '12 at 7:59

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To start with the DLL must be a Silverlight DLL or it will not work. Silverlight cannot access dlls from non-silverlight projects.

If it is a Silverlight dll you can set a reference to it in your project and it will be distributed in the XAP file.

The TCP/IP part of this question is not really meaningful as that is a protocol you would use (explicitly) to call a WCF service, and is not relevant to the problem.

EDIT Also, if the DLL has been compiled with COM interop enabled you can use late binding to call it.

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