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i want to update a polygon i draw on the mapview for every zoomlevel. how can i get a notivication when mapview is zoomed in or out?


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Unfortunately there is no native callback which notifies you about zoom level change. What you can do - is extend native map view and look for zoom level change inside onDraw method:

public final class CustomMapView extends MapView
    private int lastZoomLevel = -1;

    public void draw(Canvas canvas) 
        if (isZoomChange()) 
            lastZoomLevel = this.getZoomLevel();
            onZoomLevelChange(lastZoomLevel); //this would be your notification function

    private boolean isZoomChange() 
        return (getZoomLevel() != lastZoomLevel);
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thx man, that is a great idea! –  matthias Sep 24 '12 at 21:39

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