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I have set up a background image animation on the navigation items on this website. In order to achieve the animation I have used the background position plugin by Alexander Farkas. You can see the full code for this here.

Then I use this script to handle the animation:

$(function() {
   $(".menu-item").find(".bottom_nav").hover(function () {
      $(this).stop().animate( {
         backgroundPosition : '0px 35px'}
      , 300); }
   , function () {
      $(this).stop().animate( {
         backgroundPosition : '0px 0px'}
      , 600); }

This works fine on all browsers except IE8, where I am seeing the sprite image appear lower and further to the right than it should when hovering over a nav item. Essentially the sprite image disappears from where it should be, leaving no background-image at all on the nav item, and reappears in the wrong position in its non-hover state/background position, and then changes to its hover state/background position. You will see what I mean if you view the site in IE8.

The code for the background position plugin suggests that it should work OK for IE6-8, so I am wondering what the issue is?

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You have an extra comma on line 13 in form_end.js which is throwing a javascript error. –  John Koerner Sep 24 '12 at 20:30
IE does not do well with trailing commas. –  Joe Sep 24 '12 at 20:35
Thanks, I presume you mean line 12 of form_end.js. I have removed the extra comma now, but still have the same issue with the background position. –  Nick Sep 24 '12 at 20:42

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