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Is it possible to add a menu item from within hook_menu() directly to the primary-links menu instead of navigation where they like to reside by default?

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Actually, it is possible. One of the optional keys in a hook_menu() implementation is in fact 'menu_name', and its value can be the unique name of a given menu. In your case, 'primary-links'. The Devel module uses that technique to add its items to a custom 'Development' menu.

Also note that versions of Drupal 6 earlier than 6.6 (IIRC) had a bug that made it impossible to move a menu item already defined in hook_menu() simply by changing the hook_menu() implementation -- you had to explicitly edit the menu item in the UI to reparent it. Drupal 6.7 and later (again, going by memory) fixed that bug and hook_menu is all that's needed.

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It works! Thanks! – dcousineau Aug 11 '09 at 14:59

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