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I am trying to get Handlebars to work with Jammit and Rails 2.3... and I am struggling. I read different comments on how to make it work. For instance here: https://gist.github.com/1118201 the last comment seems to imply that simply adding
template_function: Handlebars.template
in your assets.yml should work, but it does not for me. When I do : JST[template_id](params) I get an javascript error:
TypeError: Object function anonymous(Handlebars,depth0,helpers,partials,data) { helpers = helpers || Handlebars.helpers; return "div class='timeline_container'\n/div \n"; } has no method 'match'

Any idea?

Thanks a lot! PJ

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Answering my own question... hopefully it will help others.

It does work with the "compile" method included in Handlebars. You just need to add: template_function: Handlebars.compile at the top of your assets.yml file. No need for an extra script (Handlebars 1.0 rc.1).

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