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We’re building a custom output display dialog. In it we display thumbnails (bitmaps) in a listbox. There is also a larger, detail view which is a GDI vector image retrieved from PrintPreviewEventArgs (PreviewPrintController) and displayed in a WindowsFormsHost:PictureBox. The thumbnail bitmaps are created from the original GDI image, so it would appear that the image did contain the text at some point.

All is fine on a 32-bit box. When we run the app on a 64-bit machine (we build targeting an x86 platform so we're running in the 32-bit emulator), the thumbnails are fine, but the main image is missing all text. The graphic elements - lines, table borders and background colors, etc are rendered, but no text.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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The problem had to do with using TextRenderer.DrawText instead of Graphics.DrawString during the print.

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