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Say you have a list of files in filelist.txt and call rynsc like so:

$rsync --files-from=filelist.txt /path/to/source /path/to/destination

Rsync sorts the files in filelist.txt before processing them. According to the man page, this is to make the transfer more efficient.

How do I turn that off? I have a case where I want the files transferred in a very specific order and I don't care if it makes the transfer less efficient.

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Looks like two options:

  • Do one at a time.
  • Patch rsync

Wish there was a better answer. It would take a good look at the source code to reveal exactly what it's doing, but it looks alphabetical.

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cat filelist.txt | xargs -n1 -I{} rsync --progress "/path-from/{}" "/path-to/{}"

This should pass each file to rsync via xargs one line at a time ;)

you can replace;

cat xxx.txt


ls -t | xargs ....

if you prefer.. or whatever you so desire..

its quite annoying that passing rsync a LIST OF FILES IN ORDER!!!! doesn't use the order that you specified in the list :)

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