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I'm just wondering if there's way to check if a given document is updated or inserted in MongoDB after a upsert operation in Java:

DBCollection col = getCollection();
// either this
col.findAndModify(query, null, null, false, contact, false, true);
// or this
WriteResult wr = col.update(query, contact, true, false);
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Generally, WriteResult will hold information regarding whether it was successful or not; if successful, the document will be there.

You could also do a simple col.count(new BasicDBObject("_id",{id of your document})) and check if the value is 1.

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1-> step : set the profiler using > db.setProfilingLevel(2); on the document target.
2-> run this query

db.system.profile.find({},{ts:1, op:1, ns:1}).sort({ts: -1}).forEach(printjson);

it will show you in the op attribute if the given document is updated or inserted and ns is the document name. ts when the query run.

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