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In sitebricks, I can easily deserialize a class from params in json format in Sitebricks @Service method like this:; 

But how do I deserialize a class from get/post params?

I know the Request object has access to the params (request.params()) but it would require more effort.

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In your module declare your handler class :


Then declare your TestPage with members and associate getters/setters corresponding to your get/post params

public class TestPage {

    private String param;

    public Reply<?> get() {
        // request get param "param" is already mapped in param

    public Reply<?> post() {
        // request post param "param" is already mapped in param

    public void setParam(String param) {
        this.param = param;         

    public String getParam() {
        return this.param;


Then call your url /test with get or post parameter "param".

Check out

Hope that helps.


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Your solution definitely works if the object to deserialize is the @Service (request entry-point) itself. I was looking for a solution that works when the object and the service class are two different classes. – Glide Sep 27 '12 at 1:13
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If the object that I want deserialize is not the service itself, then I would have to inject Json to do the deserialization.

public class TestPage {
   @Inject Json json;

   public void post(Request request) {
     String data = request.param("data");
     Person p = ByteArrayInputStream(data.getBytes()), Person.class);

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