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If I have large set of data in an array from like this,

1 => A 2 => B .... etc

How can I add a set of data to the end of the array using PHP? For example if there are 26 elements

26 => Z

How can I add 27 =>AA at the end of the array using PHP? We can get the number of elements using count, but because the large amount of data can't use arrary_push to add the new data at the end. Any help? Thanks.

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When you say large amount of data, how many elements are you talking about? A-Z is only 26, and adding AA means 27... that's nnot large –  Mark Baker Sep 24 '12 at 21:32

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quite simple:

$myArray = array('A','B', 'C');

$myArray[] = 'D';
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Take advantage of PHP's Perl-style character incrementor

$data = range('A','Z');
$last = end($data);
$data[] = $last;

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