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I'm trying to create a DevEx drop down button. Unfortunately, I'm running into two problems I can't figure out:

1) I can't get the popup menu to skin correctly, i.e. it doesn't skin as "Office 2010 Blue". The code I'm using is shown below:

        private void InitializeSendToPricingSheetButton()
            var barManager = new BarManager();
            if (barManager.Controller == null) barManager.Controller = new BarAndDockingController();
            barManager.Controller.PaintStyleName = "Skin";
            barManager.Controller.LookAndFeel.UseDefaultLookAndFeel = false;
            barManager.Controller.LookAndFeel.SkinName = "Office 2010 Blue";

            barManager.ItemClick += HandleSendToPricingSheetClick;
            barManager.Items.AddRange(new[] { new BarButtonItem(barManager, "Foo"), new BarButtonItem(barManager, "Bar"), new BarButtonItem(barManager, "Baz") });

            var popupMenu = new PopupMenu { Manager = barManager };
            foreach (var barItem in barManager.Items) popupMenu.ItemLinks.Add((BarItem)barItem);
            popupMenu.ItemLinks[1].BeginGroup = true;

            dropDownButtonSendToPricingSheet.DropDownControl = popupMenu;

2) This button is on a form. If the form loses focus (e.g. I click on Firefox), the pop-up menu still remains on-top. It won't go away until clicked.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks for helping me deal with DevEx insanity.

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I have solution to your second question.

You should add drop down button event handler as below:

dropDownButton1.LostFocus += new EventHandler(HidePopUp);

Handler method should be as below:

private void HidePopUp(object sender,object e)
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For your second question, you should assign value to the bar manager property as:

BarManager manager = new BarManager();
manager.Form = this; // refers to current form 

Find below link for reference https://www.devexpress.com/Support/Center/Question/Details/Q274641

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Thanks for your answer. Please make a habit of formatting your code here. This time I did it for you :-) –  Jeroen Kransen May 19 '14 at 16:13

It is probably simpler to use DefaultLookAndFeel

Add this comp to your form and set the theme you'd like to use. There is no need to set the theme for individual components.

defaultLookAndFeel1.LookAndFeel.SetSkinStyle("Office 2010 Blue");
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