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My friend wants to store electrically her school -notes and process them fast, with backups. She has over 2GB -size repo already and growing all the time (mostly appended material i.e. more school notes, different formats, pdf, pictures and scanned, some text -files, etc). The goal of my friend is to process fast the notes. I suggested command like this here i.e. "# crontab -e @weekly wget --random-wait -e robots=off -U mozilla -mirror". But I think plugging in Rsync somewhere could make it much better with Git, not getting weekly dupes i.e. trying to keep the size reasonable.

Helper questions

  1. How should I use Rsync with Git here? Do I need wget at all?

  2. Some command like `"ssh"-and-then-directing-to-localhost/etc can mean privacy -peace but complicate things, solve this problem somehow at the same time easily? I am thinking to propose her to store her notes only accessable with a SSH-priv-key, still thinking how I should help her with this not to overcomplicate things.

  3. How would you help my friend to process and store the school -material under Git-version-controlling and still keep the size reasonable?

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Different scope

  1. Git/rsync mix for projects with large binaries and text files

  2. What's a good way to organize a large collection of personal scripts using git?

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I don't think Git introduces a lot of overhead for binary files, so what's the problem? Also, is git clone via SSH too slow? That's the first thing I would try – Niklas B. Sep 24 '12 at 21:43
@NiklasB. Process implies changes. If the materials such as pictures, scanned -materials and PDFs change -- overhead, bad. She wants thing to be automatic which creates new challenges, a lot of small details to look at. It took 2 hours to download the whole directory with wget (yes she uses a content-host to browse her notes from any computer). I want to make sure the command does not kill her content-host because wgetting increasing repo of over 2GB may create soon too much traffic. – hhh Sep 24 '12 at 21:54

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You might like to look into git-annex assistant:

Might not be ready for Windows/Mac, but looks like it just went beta for Linux today.

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What is the graphical frontend? – hhh Sep 27 '12 at 8:40
The graphical frontend is a local-running webapp. Uses the current user's default web browser. – jdsumsion Nov 27 '12 at 23:43

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