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I have an activity that contains a fragment. On a click on the actionbar it should create a new fragment with a sting[] from the first activity.

I pass the data to the new fragment with setArguments() and a bundle when I start it from the Activity. the Problem is, I can't pass the String[] from the first Fragment to the Activity respectively access it. I tried doing it with a method that returns the string[]. And accessed it in the Activity:

FirstFragment ff = new FirstFragment(); ff.getstring();

but it was empty (null)

so is there a other/better possibility?



Activity contains firstFragment actionbarButton (in activity) starts newFragment (replaces firstFragment) and the String[] gets passed to Activity and then with setArguments to newFragment

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I think you meant "new fragment" instead of "new Activity". If yes then use getArguments().getStringArray(key)


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in your fragment, you can access its parent activity using:

FirstActivity fActivity= (FirstActivity)getActivity();
String[] data = fActivity.getMyArray();

now you have the data, and you can pass them to the new Activity\Fragment

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