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My end goal here is to use the svg image for a css background like so:

#somelement {
  background: transparent url(#embededSvg) repeat-x;

I need (want*) two things to work, 1. The svg is embeded into the document (but not rendered like an block) witch I can achive with:

    Skip<svg ... style="display:none;">...</svg>
  1. The svg to loop on its x axis as a css background (without packing extranious files with the hta/htm document).

I've tried creating the svg as a Javascript Image object and setting the objects innerHtml to be the svg but I'm not sure how I would referance the Image object in css.

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If I recall, one point that I missed when I asked this question is that the base64 of an embded image must also be uri-encoded. –  ThorSummoner Feb 3 at 0:46

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You have the right idea and you would link the SVG the same as the image file would be linked like so:

  #somelement {background: transparent url('someimage.svg') repeat-x;}

Or even like this:

  #somelement {background: transparent url('%3D') repeat-x;}

Not all browsers support SVG in CSS backgrounds. Browser support for this is shown here:


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Also note that SVG files that are generated on the fly may take longer than the page load which can cause problems! Check this solution: stackoverflow.com/questions/3759427/… –  Chris H. Sep 24 '12 at 22:20

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