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In my application, i have taken a textview and an imageview.Based on the content in textview, how can we manage content size of scrollview?

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  // scrollPanel fit to the text view

    scrollPanel.frame=self.view.frame (or) view.frame;
    scrollPanel.contentSize = CGSizeMake(textview.frame.width,textview.frame.height);
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Assuming you want the content size to be at least large enough to scroll across the entire textview, you can determine the correct size by adding the textView to the scrollview, then setting the contentSize to something like

scrollPanel.contentSize = CGSizeMake( txtView.frame.origin.x + txtView.frame.size.width, txtView.frame.origin.y + txtView.frame.size.height)

This will set the content width to be as wide as the txtView, plus the left-hand positioning offset, and the height to be the same as the txtView's height plus its distance from the top of the scrollPanel.

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