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I've been trying to dump a relatively small amount of data (80 rows or so of django-cms text plugin1) remotely via Heroku toolbelt:

heroku run python manage.py dumpdata text

But I get random incomplete output that gets closer to EOF every run (presumably cached?).

11:09 PM $> heroku run python manage.py dumpdata text | wc -c
11:09 PM $> !!
11:09 PM $> !!
11:10 PM $> !!
11:10 PM $> !!
11:13 PM $> !!

Anyone run into something similar? I'm using Django 1.4 with postgresql.

1 although, it is blobs of HTML o_0: see docs.

Edit: assume this is just a limitation?? pg_dump's/ restore was my "backup" plan.

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Looks like for some reason the script times out. This is either a bug or a "feature" on Heroku's part. Here is a workaround:


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Another simpler workaround is to run dumpdata from within a heroku bash prompt:

heroku run bash

python manage.py dumpdata ...

Then capture the output from your terminal. Copy and paste worked for me. I'm sure there's a fancier way to do this.

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Yet another workaround is to add a sleep command to stop the session timing out.

heroku run "python manage.py dumpdata; sleep 10"

Presumably the number grows along with your database...

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nice hack! worked for me –  allixsenos Oct 27 '13 at 4:22

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