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I have a ResourceDictionary that I have setup to have codebehind.

That codebehind also has a combobox drop down list from my database that I need to initialize. Since this is a "view" level object, I don't want to connect it up to my "model" level objects directly.

So, I need to find a way to get access to this object. The problem is that this "class" is created by the View's call to InitializeComponent(). So I can't just pass in the stuff I need as params.

I have tried to get the resource and cast it to my "class" but that does not work. (Invalid cast)

ResourceDictionary resource = new ResourceDictionary
  Source=new Uri("/MyProject;component/MyClass.xaml", UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute)

var myClass = resource as MyClass;
myClass.ListOfItems = listOfItems;

My last resort is to create static methods and pass the references I need that way. But that tightly couples these two classes. So I thought I would see if there is a better way that any one knows...

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Have you inherited your class (MyClass) from ResourceDictionary before you can cast it?

You can also try

List<MyClass> listOfItem = new List<MyClass>(ResourceDisctionaryCollection);
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