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Emacs: how to delete text without kill ring?

I am sick of everything i 'delete' in emacs being added to the kill-ring; it always means i must M-y twice to move past what i just deleted to get what i was going to paste!

is there an easy way to actually 'delete' what i select rather than add it to the kill-ring? How do other people deal with this problem? doesn't it annoy you too that what you 'delete' is added to the kill-ring?

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Sure. Whereas C-w by default performs a (kill-region) you could instead perform a (delete-region) — and likewise for kill-whole-line, kill-word, and any other sort of killing you might otherwise have planned.

You could do a delete-region by hitting M-x and then typing it out, though that seems to undo the savings of the extra M-y you have to perform now, so binding the delete- functions to... some keys... of some kind... would probably be preferable.

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