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I have an MVC3 application that I have a view defined to have the possibility of passing values and setting the SelectedItem value.

List<SelectListItem> items = new SelectList(db.BILLING_COUNTRY, "ISO_Code_BillingCountry", "CountryName", Country).AsParallel().ToList();
        items.Insert(0, (new SelectListItem { Text = "Select Your Country", Value = "0" }));
        ViewBag.Countries = items;

I am setting the disabled = "disabled" attribute on the dropdownlist if a ViewBag.EnableDropDowns is false or not set.

@{ object displayMode = (ViewBag.EnableDropDowns) ? null : new { disabled = "disabled"     };
           @Html.DropDownList("Countries", null, new { disabled = displayMode, onchange     = "LoadItems()" } )

I set the ViewBag.EnableDropDowns to true, it correctly sets all the values in the drop down list but they are disabled instead of enabled.

What is wrong?

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Be careful with the dictionary declaration. It has to beDictionary<string, object>() otherwise you will face run time issues.

I have to disable the listbox based upon a condition.

var sourceListOptions = new Dictionary<string, object>();
sourceListOptions.Add("style", "Height: 250px; width: 225px;");
if (Model.SourceColumns.Count() == Model.ImportMappings.Count())
    sourceListOptions.Add("disabled", "disabled");


@Html.ListBox("SourceColumns", Model.SourceColumns, sourceListOptions)


@Html.DropDownList("SourceColumns", Model.SourceColumns, sourceListOptions)
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this didn't work either. I might have failed to mention I have 2 dropdownlist objects I need this dynamic variable for disabled disabled. The way I had it before works but it's disabled. The ways I've been told to try it it's always enabled. –  DavieDave Sep 26 '12 at 23:26
@Html.DropDownList("Countries", null, new { disabled = displayMode, onchange = "LoadItems()" } ) May I know why you are passing data source of items as null? Now this is a challenge I will get it resolved. –  Mandeep Janjua Sep 27 '12 at 14:19
I'm setting the SelectList in code... it's complicated the name "Countries" corresponds to the ViewBag name. –  DavieDave Sep 27 '12 at 18:42

I think you need to set enabled="enabled"


        bool displayMode = (ViewBag.EnableDropDowns) ? "enabled": "disabled";                     

     Html.DropDownList("Countries", null, 
      new { enabled= displayMode, onchange="LoadItems()" } );
      Html.DropDownList("Countries", null, 
      new { disabled= displayMode, onchange="LoadItems()" } );
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The select element will be disabled if the disabled attribute is present at all (regardless of its value). So you'll need something like this (specifying htmlAttributes as a Dictionary rather than an anonymous object, as it seems more convenient in this case):

    var displayMode = new Dictionary<string,object>();
    displayMode.Add("onchange", "LoadItems()");
    if (ViewBag.EnableDropDowns) displayMode.Add("disabled", "disabled");

@Html.DropDownList("Countries", null, displayMode)
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this makes things always enabled... I will need to try the one below and see if it resolves it later today. –  DavieDave Sep 26 '12 at 16:18

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