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I have a file with over 800 columns, and I want to perform some mild column rearrangement. In particular, I need to drop a few columns, and make the last column the first column.

I programmatically generate a simple awk script to perform the rearrangement. It looks like the following:

  print $820,$2,$3,$4, [lots more here, but skipping a few], $819

On one computer, this works just fine. On another computer, it only works when I have a couple hundred columns selected, but for more columns, I get a core dump. Is there any way to make this more portable?

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Installing gawk fixed this problem... not sure what version of awk was being used previously.

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Default awks: Debian: mawk; RedHat and many others: gawk; Solaris: Close to original AT&T awk; AIX/HPUX: nawk line –  MeaCulpa Sep 25 '12 at 8:17

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