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I have been getting this error for 2 days in response to iconutil -c icns iconset.iconset: ImageIO: _CGImagePluginWriteICNS unsupported image size (128 x 128) - scaling factor: 2 ImageIO: _CGImagePluginWriteICNS unsupported image size (16 x 16) - scaling factor: 2 The iconset.iconset folder has 10 .png files icon_512x512@2x.png, icon_512x512.png...and the versions for 256, 128, 32, 16. The resulting iconset.icns file has only 8 images. I'm running xcode 4.5 on Lion. I have searched and searched for an answer. If I just remove the offending 128x128@2x and the 16x16@2x, the message is these files are missing. Very grateful for any help.

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Anything I can do to improve the chances of getting an answer to this problem with iconutil? – user1695841 Sep 29 '12 at 17:13
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I realized the answer to my question: The @2x files should have an image size 2x, e.g. icon_128x128.png has image size 128x128 px, but icon_128x128@2x.png actually must have an image size of 256x256 px. When I asked the question, I did not realize this and my image sizes were the same for each pair. Hope this helps someone

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