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I'm trying to install Octave-3.6.2 from source on Ubuntu 12.04 with KDE desktop but when I run the Octave configure script I get this error

BLAS library was detected but found incompatible with your Fortran 77 
compiler settings

I used ./configure F77=gfortran as was suggested by numerous web searches and I've ensured that the alternatives system F77 files are moved out of harms way as per the comments in this SO post. The installed BLAS libraries are those installed by the package manager.

What does the error mean and how do I remedy it?

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Did you find an answer for this? I am getting the same error on OS X 10.8.2. – Trey Dec 14 '12 at 17:32
Not quite - I simply installed a different OS (Debian) and installed the latest Octave using the Debian package manager. However, I also posted this to the Octave forum and some of the responses there might be of help to you. The relevant thread is octave.1599824.n4.nabble.com/… – babelproofreader Dec 15 '12 at 19:40
Thanks for the update and the link! – Trey Dec 15 '12 at 23:27

Try installing the Package liblapack-dev, libblas-dev, and if it exists, libblas-64. While not Ubuntu, I had the same issue and needed to install the fedora fc20 equivalent packages which are blas-devel, blas64-devel, lapack-devel, and lapack64-devel. The standard routine for getting the build dependencies is

sudo yum-builddep octave

While that installed most of the dependencies, I needed to follow with the following before it would completely configure. This is from an almost scratch Fedora fc20 install with updates as of 10/23/2014.

sudo yum install lapack64-devel lapack64 
sudo yum install gl2ps-devel qrupdate-devel qt-devel qscintilla-devel java-devel

Although I did not explicitly list the blas-devel and blas64-devel packages, they were installed as dependencies of the libpack packages as was libpack-devel and plain libpack.

I suppose for Ubuntu it may be apt-get. Either way, here is another post that talks about an earlier version of Ubuntu.

BLAS and LAPACK libraries required for compiling

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After doing sudo yum-builddep octave ; sudo yum install lapack64-devel lapack64 ; sudo yum install libblas-dev libatlas-dev liblapack-dev ; ./configure from octave-4.0.0 I'm still getting this error: configure: error: A BLAS library was detected but found incompatible with your Fortran 77 compiler settings. Could you suggest further actions to install octave on CentOS? Thanks. – Michael Mar 22 at 18:31
which version of centos? – R Schultz Mar 24 at 4:12
CentOS release 6.7, kernel linux 2.6.32-573.18.1.el6.centos.plus.x86_64 – Michael Mar 24 at 16:22

I fixed this problem by moving the BLAS to /usr/lib64.

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for slackware recompile blas using -libdir=/usr/lib64

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I discovered my Slackware 14.1 x86_64 standard install was missing both BLAS and LAPACK. What worked for me was using the SlackBuild process for first building BLAS, and then LAPACK. Optionally, I also SlackBuilt and installed GraphicsMagick. After these dependencies were installed, I was able to build and install the SlackBuild for Octave. See wiki.octave.org/Octave_for_Slackware – Elliot Sep 13 '15 at 16:57

Run sudo apt-get build-dep octave

This will install all dependencies for octave

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