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Hi guys I am looking for some help with flat files source in data flow task or bulk mail task. Say I have incoming flat files, I can have

a;b;c or a|b|c

is it possible to assign multiple column delimiter for the same flat file source?

I have been searching how to do it Thank you very much.

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the flat file task doesn't support this. See this similar question as reference.

Instead you could use a script task to determine, which delimiter is used and then forward it to the flat file task with the suitable delimiter.

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I ran in to a simliar problem and ended up using Swiss File Knife. Just preprocess the file and have it replace commas with pipes or vice versa. That way you only need to have one import.

You also could use a script transform in your flat file reader to use the string.split method. I'd probably go with the SFK option though. It's a bit more transparent, although slightly less portable.

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