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How can get users country by default selected in my select box when he use my application from his location?

In javascript or php?

Please help me.

Thanks in Advance.

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PHP and use IP :D –  Furry Sep 25 '12 at 0:47

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1) Put this http://ip-to-country.webhosting.info/downloads/ip-to-country.csv.zip in a mysql table,

2) create a file country.php with

// Sample code to display Visitor Country information 
// PHP 4 
//  http://ip-to-country.webhosting.info/book/print/5

//$ip = getenv ("REMOTE_ADDR"); 

// Establishing a database connection

// Query for getting visitor countrycode
$country_query  = "SELECT country_code2,country_name FROM country_codes ".
     "WHERE ip_from <= inet_aton('$ip') ".
      "AND ip_to >= inet_aton('$ip') ";

// Executing above query
$country_exec = mysql_query($country_query);

// Fetching the record set into an array

// getting the country code from the array

// getting the country name from the array

  // Display the Visitor coountry information
   //  echo "$country_code - $country_name";

// Closing the database connection


3) include_once 'country.php'; in you form file and use $country_name

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