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Is there a way to get a full path url from the shorthand-string representation of routes in rails?

Ie from the rake routes output, a string of terms#index that creates the full path to where it maps, eg

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Perhaps url_for could help you? Documentation here. Its not using the exact string but depending on what you're doing maybe you could get a similar result by placing the variables inside.

Something like:

<%= url_for(:action => '#{action}', :controller => '#{controller}', :only_path => false %>

Just a guess. Don't actually know if it will work :).

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rake routes --trace
          terms GET    /terms(.:format)             terms#index

Then I think following will work

terms_path #Gives /terms


terms_url #Gives
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yeah that's fine, but i want a way to generate the path from the string controller#action – Norto23 Sep 25 '12 at 3:31

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