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I need to validate input when the currentTarjeta.causaDeUnicoServicioContratado CheckBox is checked. The problem is that I need this odd name currentTarjeta.causaDeUnicoServicioContratado. If I use something as the name this works. How do I fix this?

"currentTarjeta.causaDeUnicoServicioContratado": {
    required: "#currentTarjeta.causaDeUnicoServicioContratado:checked",
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Escape the dot using "\\"


 // Instead of

 // Write

It will work :)

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the reason you need 2 backslashes is that the first one is interpreted by Javascript, and the next one is interpreted by JQuery. –  Dan Davies Brackett Oct 26 '09 at 16:38

That is exactly the problem. The dot assumes a css class name. How about using an underscore or a dash instead of a dot in the name.

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Well i kinda find a solution.

I use named my tag name="man.name" and y use de id attribute id=name.

So when i use the validate function i call de id and not the name:

required: "#name:checked"

and this works :)

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