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I am building an ExtJS 4 application backed by SASS/Compass for its theme.

I would like to generate 2 files:

  1. my-ext-theme.css
  2. my-ext-theme.min.css

I currently have a "my-ext-theme.scss" file that I am successfully compiling to "my-ext-theme.css". The issue is that I want 1 scss file to compile to 2+ css files. Additionally, I would like those css files to be in any directory I want.

Note: I do not want to add a config.rb file so that it outputs "only" to different directories (i.e. "css/my-ext-theme.css" and "css2/my-ext-theme.css").

Any suggestions?

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Current Solution (little annoying)

my-ext-theme.scss // my sass code here
my-ext-theme.min.scss // @import 'my-ext-theme';

compass compile my-ext-theme.scss // development
compass compile --output-style compressed my-ext-theme.min.scss // production
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