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This is just a question on naming classes. I want to know the "standard" (or most accepted) approach to naming DAOs and their Hibernate implementations.

Should it be?

  • HibenateDOMAINDAO
  • DOMAINDAOHibernate
  • HibernateDAODOMAIN


Personally, I naturally go for HibernateDOMAINDao, but I have gotten into a little discussion about this a colleague who prefers DOMAINDAOHibernate.

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HibernateDomainDAO, certainly not the third one. –  Vikdor Sep 25 '12 at 3:30

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I usually prefer namespaces.

Something like

com.something.proyect.dao.Dao //Generic Dao Interface
com.something.proyect.dao.DomainDao // DomainDao Interface
com.something.proyect.dao.hibernate.HibernateBaseDao // Base Hibernate Impl
com.something.proyect.dao.hibernate.DomainDaoImpl // Hibernate Domain Dao Impl
com.something.proyect.dao.jdbc.JdbcBaseDao // JDBC Base impl
com.something.proyect.dao.jdbc.DomainDaoImpl // JDBC Domain DAo Impl

That way I just know that anything under hibernate is, well, hibernate and I don't have to append Hibernate to my Classes.

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As I know Dao abbreviation is Data Access Object, It's design pattern we useDao,So it's not only related to hibernate we can use it in any programming language(As I know),

com.orm.dao.GenericDao // Generic Interface which uses every interface in the Dao layer,This has common methods like create,delete,update etc

com.orm.dao.DomainDao // Extended from Generic dao, additionally contains domain specific moethods

com.orm.dao.impl.GenericDaoImpl // Implementation of GenericDao interface, normally this class should be abstract  

com.orm.dao.impl.DomainDaoImpl // Implementation of DomainDao interface and extended from GenericDaoImpl class

Hope this will clear for you, Cheers

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