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I am trying to load an xml file containing timestamp entries in the "20120924 22:12" format into MySql.

I am using the LOAD XML feature. Of course it's not working because MySQL is expecting "2012-09-24 22:12". If I was using LOAD FILE I would add

SET tmstmp = str_to_date(@var3, '%Y%m%d %h:i%')}

to my command, where the tmstmp data is in column 3 of the tile. So for XML I'd like to use

SET tmstmp = str_to_date(@tmstmp, '%Y%m%d %h:i%')}

where tmstmp is the tag containing my timestamp data. But this doesn't work. @tmstmp is empty. How do I access tags in SET statements under LOAD XML? The MySQL documentation just defers to the LOAD FILE documentation but it's not there of course. Thanks for any help.

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The format is wrong (i% must be %i). So, change '%Y%m%d %h:i%' with '%Y%m%d %h:%i' and try to load data again.

Also %h should be %H because you use 24-hour format.

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