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I'm using the WiX (3.6) Burn bootstrapper to bundle a prerequisite component (Bonjour) with the setup for my program. It works great and all, but:

I'd like to add a step to the end where I run an executable from my INSTALLDIR on exit. I'm having a bit of a hard time figuring this out.

I've tried:

<CustomAction Id="LaunchApp"  Directory="INSTALLDIR"
              ExeCommand="[INSTALLDIR]my app name.exe"/>

But don't know where to put it in my Burn's bundle wxs file. Any pointers? Thanks!


I've also tried putting the following:

<CustomAction Id="LaunchApp"  Directory="INSTALLDIR"
              ExeCommand="[INSTALLDIR]Any Send.exe"/>

at the end of my app's installer MSI, but when it gets integrated into the Burn bootstrapper install, this line doesn't appear to be executed.

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Add the following to your element (I added it right after BootstrapApplicationRef and before Chain):

 <Variable Name="LaunchTarget" 
           Value="[ProgramFiles64Folder]Folder\Exe Name.exe"/>

Totally did the trick for me!

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