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I am using JQuery with Boxy plugin.

When a user clicks on a link on one page, I call Boxy.load to load a form onto the pop-up. The form loads and is displayed inside the pop-up without problems.

However, I can't bind the form to a submit event, since I can't select the form element.

This is the event handler:

    $('#flag-link a.unflagged').click (function(e) {
        url = $(e.target).attr('href');
        Boxy.load(url, {behaviours: function(r) {
	        alert ($("#flag-form").attr('id'));

The alert reads "undefined" when it is displayed.

And this is the form:

<form id="flag-form" method="POST" action="somepage">        
        <tr><td><input type="text" name = "name"></td></tr>
        <tr><td><input type="submit" value="OK"></td></tr>

What am I doing wrong?

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First (a minor point, but a potential source of trouble), it should be id="flag-form" not id = "flag-form" (no spaces).

Second, you shouldn't need r.find(). Just do $("#flag-form").attr("id")

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+1 - For beating me to it. Just had to discard the very same two points. –  karim79 Aug 10 '09 at 22:51
Thanks. r.find() is just one of the many ways I tried to select the form. Unfortunately, the problem remains. –  shanyu Aug 10 '09 at 22:58
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As far as I understand, live() method must be used to bind an element to an event in this case:

$("#flag-form").live("submit", function(){ ... }

Presently, live method is documented to be not supporting the submit event. However, I could work it out with Chrome and FF. On the other hand, I couldn't get it working in IE. A better way for cross-browser compatibility seems to be binding the submit button of the form to the click event.

$("#flag-form-submit").live("click", function(){
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I learnt that declaring methods in behaviours: function (e) {} works, in addition to using live() methods.


$('#flag-link a.unflagged').click (function() {
    Boxy.load(this.href, {
      behaviours: function(r) {
        r.find('#flag-form').bind('submit', function() {
          // do on submit e.g. ajax calls etc.
    return false;
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