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i want to count the tag with same name in the complete xml using libxml2. please suggest if there is any inbuilt function in libxml2 for this which directly returns count.

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It's easy using XPath. See XPath examples. Once you obtain the result of xmlXPathEvalExpression, you simply write:


Here is XPath syntax given. For example //elem, to count all elem elements.

And the full function based on the xpath1.c example:

int count(xmlDocPtr doc, const char* path)
    int count;
    xmlXPathContextPtr xpathCtx; 
    xmlXPathObjectPtr xpathObj; 

      /* Create xpath evaluation context */
    xpathCtx = xmlXPathNewContext(doc);
    if(xpathCtx == NULL) {
        fprintf(stderr,"Error: unable to create new XPath context\n");

    /* Evaluate xpath expression */
    xpathObj = xmlXPathEvalExpression(path, xpathCtx);
    if(xpathObj == NULL) {
        fprintf(stderr,"Error: unable to evaluate xpath expression \"%s\"\n", path);

    count = xpathObj->nodesetval->nodeNr;
    printf("count of %s: %d\n", path, count);


    return count;
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Rather than xpathing for //tagName and counting, you could xpath for count(//tagName) and check obj->floatval. I don't know if it will take the optimization step of not keep around the full list of matches while running. –  Jason Viers Sep 25 '12 at 21:17

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