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I have a table STUDENT with columns st_id,name,age,dept_name. Now I want to create a new table STUDENT_DESC with columns st_id,dept_name,st_desc. So I need to copy all the values of st_id and dept_name to the newly created table STUDENT_DESC. I need to ensure relationship while copying st_id and dept_name , the dept_name should be corresponding to st_id.So how can I do it in PL/SQL?

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insert into STUDENT_DESC (select st_id, dept_name, null from student);

this will simply copy all the records. The third column st_desc is left empty (null)

To ensure referential integrity you would add a primary key and a referential integrity constraint to the STUDENT_DESC table

However, note that in many cases it could be "wrong" to introduce a second table containing student data like that. It could be "better" to add st_desc to the STUDENT table.

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more specifically I used insert into STUDENT_DESC (st_id,dept_name) select st_id,dept_name from STUDENT. And I think its okay! –  tailorBird Sep 25 '12 at 7:34

I'm not sure I understand your data model, but at face value you can create your table simply:

CREATE TABLE student_desc AS SELECT st_id, dept_name FROM student;

ALTER TABLE student_desc ADD (st_desc VARCHAR2(..));

Fill in the .. with the desired max size for st_desc.

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