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I have a dropdown list,

<select id="bi_tool_y_axis" name="bi_tool[y_axis]">
   <option value="0">Vote Count</option>
   <option selected="selected" value="1">Choices of Poll</option>
   <option value="2">Location</option>

and a jquery function to change option text of value 2 in the above dropdown list

function change_text_of_value_2(new_text){
    // I want  to change text "Location" with new_text in the dropdown list

How can I do this? Please help..

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try this

function change_text_of_value_2(new_text){
   $("#bi_tool_y_axis option[value='2']").text(new_text);
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why not simply

$("#bi_tool_y_axis option[value='2']").text("anything else");

And this you call into function (your function and put the parameter into text function);


function change_text(optionValue, new_text){
   $("#bi_tool_y_axis option[value='"+optionValue+"']").text(new_text);
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Try this

$(function() {

    $('#bi_tool_y_axis').on('change', function() {

        if ($(this).val() == '2') {
            change_text_of_value_2($(this), "New_Text_Added")

function change_text_of_value_2($elem, new_text) {


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