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In our school we must connect to an OpenVPN-server to use the internet. The problem is that many sites are locked.

Is there a possibility to create a second tunnel for connecting to a different OpenVPN-provider and use the second tunnel as system wide proxy?

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I see two possibilities here:

1 Using a VM and connection one VPN on the host and one on the guest:

Step 1 Install OpenVPN & a VirtualBox Computer

Text in bold is a terminal command.

First, we need to install the VPN client for Linux users. Windows users can download the > program here and here, and run the installer normally. Mac users can use this GUI for > > OpenVPN for Mac.

Change to the Downloads directory.
Configure the installation.
Compile and install.
    make && sudo make install
Now we need to install VirtualBox. This will allow us to have a virtual operating > > systems running from within our computer. Download VirtualBox: Windows, Mac, Linux.
Install a virtual machine of your choice for Windows or Linux and Mac, then install > OpenVPN to it.

Step 2 Chain the VPNs

Start up your virtual machine, and configure them both.

For Windows users using the default VPN client, use this guide to connect to a VPN. > Linux and Mac users, go here.
Connect to VPN A with your host OS.
Start up your virtual machine of choice, and connect to VPN B with it.
Operate from within your virtual machine, and you will be safe from prying eyes. If > you need to delete the virtual machine, make sure you securely delete it, and your 

information will be safe.

Source: http://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/how-to/chain-vpns-for-complete-anonymity-0131368/

2 Chaining OpenVPN and some other kind of tunnel(PPTP, SSH, etc. )

Connect OpenVPN

Connect other tunnel

Source: Brain

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Your links to Windows users can download the > program here and here are missing. – Mohsen Heydari Sep 28 '13 at 17:13

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