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Break points on User Defined object properties in javascript


Is there is any JavaScript debugging tool or addon that helps to put break points on User Defined object properties.


I have a JavaScript Object Literal

var TextBox = { color:"gray", size:"100px", border:true }

Here is my code that does the modification

function foo(){ TextBox["color"] = "blue"; }

I am looking for putting a breakpoint on TextBox.color so that when the property is modified I could find who is doing the modification or which function does the alteration.

It should also break when TextBox.color = null; or delete TextBox.color;

Is this feature already available in firebug or chrome developer tool?

I have already seen breakpoints for html element removal , attribute modification but not for user defined object properties.


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Have a look at the magic getters and setters that some browsers support:

You should be able to define a setter and put a breakpoint in it.

Probably best to keep these out of production code for compatibility reasons, but they're the only practical way to debug certain problems.

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Use something like this:

(function() {
    var obj=TextBox; var realValue = obj.color; 
    Object.defineProperty(obj, 'color', { 
        set: function(newValue) { debugger; realValue = newValue; },
        get: function() { debugger; return realValue; } 

and simply run it in your browsers console.

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