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Error reports here and here. Instructions here suggests insserv but I am unable to install anything so cannot get insserv running. How can I fix this problem?

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You have problems at least with LSBbase, insserve, LSBheaders. I thank #Debian and Trxmxr for helping me out, I got it working!

1. Puzzle

Fix the headers of /etc/init.d/couchdb to "+mountall +mountoverflowtmp +umountfs" in the position of local_fs.

2. Puzzle (errs example here)

Fix LSB -headers problem by copying the headers of Cups for example to Smfpd -samsung-printer-thing/etc/init.d/smfpd, remember to modify a bit. Further info here.

3. Puzzle

Fix the bug with rc-status -thing by this command "sudo touch /etc/rc.status".

4. Puzzle

By comparing to working system, Trxmor realized that lsb-base had to be reinstalled, wrong settings here. So "$ sudo aptitude reinstall lsb-base".

Commands to diagnose

1. insserv

According to Trxmxr, no decision yet made to switch away from insserve to something else.


  • '$ is a "virtual" target, i.e. not a real startup script but an alias or group of multiple targets'
  • '+ is an optional member of a group'. The mistake has something to do with the Required-Start -thing.

Some Commands

  • $ grep "_fs" /etc/init.d/couchdb

  • $ head /etc/insserv.conf

2. updating and upgrading

If you get mistakes firing, rollback to the puzzles -- example below how I configured things.

$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i --force-confdef insserv_1.14.0-4_i386.deb
$ sudo dpkg --configure -a
$ sudo apt-get upgrade
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