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My setup:
I am creating and updating a form.ui file in Qt Designer, and using the Makefile generated by qmake. Using form.ui, make correctly generates ui_form.h, which is included in

The problem:
When form.ui is updated, make correspondingly regenerates ui_form.h. However, myWidget.o is not regenerated and thus the UI updates are not reflected in the recompiled application. On inspecting the Makefile, it turns out that the myWidget.o rule has no dependency on ui_form.h.

The question:
How can I force qmake to include the required dependency in the Makefile it generates?
Note: As the Makefile is auto-generated each time qmake is run, a manual edit of the Makefile is only a temporary solution which I would rather avoid.

-- This question identifies a similar problem but is still open. The replies do not sufficiently explore the problem (narrow it down to the missing Makefile dependency) and the solutions given do not work.
-- There is a discussion on adding dependencies to the Makefile here but this question, too, is still open and the scenario is different from mine.

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Have you re-run qmake to re-generate the makefile? I have in the past had issues where I changed the code just enough to require a re-run of qmake, but not quite enough to cause the old makefile to trigger the re-run. (I don't remember exactly how I did it, though.) – jwernerny Sep 25 '12 at 14:29
And does your actually #include, directly or indirectly, ui_form.h, in order for qmake to have a dependency to detect? – Clare Macrae Sep 25 '12 at 22:23

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