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First, I tried the common rvm install.

rvm install 1.9.2

However, the following error was shown:

The provided compiler '/usr/bin/gcc' is LLVM based, it is not yet fully supported by ruby and gems, please read `rvm requirements`.

Then I run

rvm requirements

and find these following part of output useful

Right now Ruby requires gcc to compile, but Xcode 4.2 and later no longer ship with gcc. Instead they ship with llvm-gcc (to which gcc is a symlink) and clang, neither of which are supported for building Ruby. Xcode 4.1 was the last version to ship gcc, which was /usr/bin/gcc-4.2.

Xcode 4.1 and earlier:
- Ruby will build fine.

Xcode 4.2 and later (including Command Line Tools for Xcode):
- If you have gcc-4.2 (and friends) from an earlier Xcode version, Ruby will build fine.
- If you don't have gcc-4.2, you have two options to get it:
 * Install apple-gcc42 from Homebrew
 * Install osx-gcc-installer

If you are using Homebrew, you can install the apple-gcc42 and required libraries from homebrew/dupes:
 brew update
 brew tap homebrew/dupes
 brew install autoconf automake apple-gcc42 
 rvm pkg install openssl

This can live side by side with an existing Xcode 4.2+ install or Command Line Tools for Xcode.

so I tried:

brew update
brew tap homebrew/dupes
brew install autoconf automake apple-gcc42 

However, I got the following error

Warning: Could not link apple-gcc42. Unlinking...
Error: The `brew link` step did not complete successfully
The formula built, but is not symlinked into /usr/local
You can try again using `brew link apple-gcc42'
==> Summary
/usr/local/Cellar/apple-gcc42/4.2.1-5666.3: 104 files, 75M, built in 23 seconds
kanitw:shell.venturelab.com kanitw$ brew link apple-gcc42
Linking /usr/local/Cellar/apple-gcc42/4.2.1-5666.3... Warning: Could not link apple-gcc42. Unlinking...
Error: Could not symlink file: /usr/local/Cellar/apple-gcc42/4.2.1-5666.3/include/gcc
/usr/local/include is not writable. You should change its permissions.

What would be my best solution? I kinda remember from somewhere that I should not use sudo with brew since I will mess up the whole installation.

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Try sudo brew install apple-gcc42. – halfelf Sep 25 '12 at 7:38
no, don't try that. That's not the idea of homebrew! – three Sep 25 '12 at 15:22

You can change /usr/local directory owner

sudo chown -R `whoami` /usr/local

But, if you have mysql installed, you mast fix its owner

sudo chown -R mysql:mysql /usr/local/mysql
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You should run brew doctor and then change the permissions accordingly. There might be other issues.

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Unfortunately, brew doctor doesn't help very much. It just told me to run brew link on apple-gcc42 which is precisely the problem. – Jason Kim May 27 '13 at 21:18

Change the permissions of your /usr/local directory and try again.

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