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I have a WCF Service with 60 Operation Contracts.

When I try to add another Operation Contract I get the following error:

Error in deserializing body of request message for operation


I changed the MaxNameTableCharCount Property of the binding configuration to 32768 (default is 16384).

It worked for me!

Hope it helps you too!

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Heya, welcome to SO! Thanks a bunch for sharing. Can you edit your question, make it a "true question" and move the part with the answer to an actual SO answer? See this thread for more tips on answering your own question. –  Jeroen Sep 25 '12 at 8:59
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I got same error when I was trying to call one of my services.

I tried increasing the size of the MaxNameTableCharCount property but that did not work for me.

My errror was caused by having a null value being passed in when an int was expected.


I removed the element from my call and everything worked. It also worked when I entered 0. This occurred due to null not being a valid value for an int.

Hope this helps.

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