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i would just want to ask why i cannot create an iboutlet (e.g. UITableView). I copied a nib file, the .h and .m file from my different project(since I need them). After that, I renamed the .h, .m and the nib file. Then when I am going to add or connect IBOutlets to it, I can't. Why? Does someone know how to fix it? thanks a lot.

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This is because you need to provide a new class name which the xib refers to (as you said you renamed it)

enter image description here

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thank you a lot. :-) – Androyd Sep 25 '12 at 8:49
Don't forget to accept the answer – Stas Sep 25 '12 at 8:59

Maybe You forgot change class name in .xib file.

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Try following steps for renaming .h,.m and xib files. This will be Helpful for you.

1) Go to the header file eg. MyViewController.h.

2) Right click on your class name eg. Right click on MyViewController.

3) Select Refactor -> Rename.

4) Write New Name eg. MyViewController1.

5) Preview and Save.

This will rename your Old class name with New Class name from everywhere.

And Also check File Owner's Custom class property under Identity Inspector Section is the same as New Class name

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