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I'm trying to implement a SWF action like this:

@Component(value = "initializeProjectsTestingFormAction")
public class InitializeProjectsTestingFormAction implements Action {

    private ProjectsBo projectsBo;

    public Event execute(RequestContext requestContext) throws Exception {
        ProjectsTestingForm projectsTestingForm = (ProjectsTestingForm) requestContext.getFlowScope().get("projectsTestingForm");

        EndUse selectedEndUse = (EndUse) requestContext.getFlowScope().get("selectedEndUse");

        return new Event("", "initializeProjectsTestingFormAction");

It currently works fine when the flow invokes the action, but I feel slightly unsettled about the Event that the action have to return. Does anybody knows what the Event is and what could affect to the flow behavior depending on its values (source and id)?

I was reading the documentation but I'm not able to understand at all and answer myself the question:

Thanks in advance.

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The id of the event (second parameter of the constructor) should correspond to the on attribute of the transition that should be taken after the action is invoked.

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thanks a lot for your answer, that make sense. What about the first argument of the constructor,source? What's the utility of that argument and what affects to? Any idea? Thanks. – Alejandro García Seco Sep 25 '12 at 15:04
It's a required constructor parameter for the generic Java superclass java.util.EventObject. Not sure what, if anything, it's used for in the context of webflow. – pap Sep 25 '12 at 15:13
Great, I'll do some tests to find out something else. Do you have an example of a SWF Action implementation and its respective use in the flow? Just for contrasting with the way I'm doing it, my Action is working but I want to be 100% sure about the right use of Actions because I have to implement a bunch of them. Thanks. – Alejandro García Seco Sep 25 '12 at 15:21

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