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This is not a question but a bug in subsonic 2.1/2.2

The method

public QueryCommand BuildUpdateCommand(Query qry)

in Dataprovider.cs

generates and invalid Update statement if the Table to be updated is a member of a Schema, i.e. a Schema other than "dbo".

The offending line is


The resulting SQL is "Update <tableName> SET....." However the correct SQL should be "Update <SchemaName>.<tableName>...."

Commenting out the above line and replacing it with:


generates the correct SQL.

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The best way to get this issue resolved is to reach out to Rob via the mailing list. From the Subsonic help page:

If you have a suggestion or just want to get ahold of the developers - you can use our mailing list which is subsonicproject@googlegroups.com. It won't be as fast as StackOverflow and should be used for suggestions or thoughts.

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Reporting this to the product's developers may be a better option in getting it solved.

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Well yes, but I don't know where. :). The originals forums on the old subsonicproject website are no longer active and Rob said that it has been shifted to stackoverflow and that he is monitoring this site. –  rwo Aug 11 '09 at 0:50

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