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I'm trying to make link_to function have a css class attached to it,

My code is something like this:

<%= link_to newGame do%>
<%= image_tag newGame.image_url.to_s %>
<% end %>

which links an image to its content, but I need to add a class="thumbnail" to the link,


<a href="/games/:id" class="thumbnaill>

instead of what its currently generating:

<a href="/games/:id">


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Ref link_to

<%= link_to newGame, class: 'thumbnail'  do %>

Be careful when using the older argument style, as an extra literal hash is needed:

<%= link_to "Articles", { :controller => "articles" }, :id => "news", :class => "article" %>
#Gives <a href="/articles" class="article" id="news">Articles</a>
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You can just do

<%= link_to newGame, class: 'thumbnail' do %>
  <%= image_tag newGame.image_url.to_s %>
<% end %>
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