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My RichTextBox contains a few colored text. His Font is new Font("Arial", 8.25f, FontStyle.Regular, GraphicsUnit.Point, ((byte)0))

In Windows I don't have any problem.

But in Linux diacritics isn't working. I can see that in Rtf header in Linux is:

{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\fcharset0 DejaVu Sans;}}
{\colortbl \red0\green0\blue0;\red0\green0\blue255;}
{\*\generator Mono RichTextBox;}\pard\f0\fs16 





(Copied from Linux terminal)

In Windows it's quite different

{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\fcharset238{\*\fname Arial;}Arial CE;}}
{\colortbl ;\red0\green0\blue255;\red255\green69\blue0;\red0\green128\blue0;}

Jak se m\'e1\'9a? \fs17

(Copied from VS debug window)

There is so much new lines, though I'm using Environment.NewLine and diacritics letters are converted to something like this D9B1DE9DE\'FDE9\'FD

I tried change CultureInfo, also change fonts, but no change.

How can I fix it? I'd like have the same font on the both systems.

Thanks for responds.

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If the same code has different results on Mono than on .Net, it can be considered as a bug.

Which version of mono are you using? The Winforms have got a few bugs fixed in the last few months.

If you already run the lastest version (2.10.9) you should post your problem on the mono mailing (mono-devel-list[at]lists.ximian.com)

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I'm using the latest version. I don't think so that it is a bug. Cause it change Font to Dajavu in Linux and Mono MacOS on Mac. So I think that it's property of mono. But I cannot found how to change it and also how change the unreasonable encoding. I don't understand why is mono using cp1252. Somebody must deal with it, cause diacritics and special chars are in a lot of languages. But I cannot find anything. And also the duplicit new lines though I'm using Environment.NewLine. But if I will not found any solution. I'll try mail them. Thanks for respond :) –  sczdavos Oct 4 '12 at 17:57
Arial is not as standard available neither on Mac nor Linux. I suspect the system tries to substitute them. –  K3N Oct 4 '12 at 18:17

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