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I want to use clojure to explore this example - http://jscience.org/api/org/jscience/mathematics/function/package-summary.html

    // Defines two local variables (x, y).
    Variable<Complex> varX = new Variable.Local<Complex>("x");
    Variable<Complex> varY = new Variable.Local<Complex>("y");

    // f(x) = ix² + 2x + 1
    Polynomial<Complex> x = Polynomial.valueOf(Complex.ONE, varX);
    Polynomial<Complex> fx = x.pow(2).times(Complex.I).plus(
        x.times(Complex.valueOf(2, 0)).plus(Complex.ONE));

    // Calculates expression.
    varX.set(Complex.valueOf(2, 3)); 

how do i go about constructing varX?

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Assuming you've imported org.jscience.mathematics.function.Variable$Local:

(let [v (Variable$Local. "x")]

that is, when porting Java code to Clojure you can ignore type parameters like <Complex>. Note that nested classes like Local are separated from their enclosing class with a $.

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Fantastic! Thanks –  zcaudate Sep 25 '12 at 20:50

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